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may, I love you.

{OBoy walking home from the park with our across-the-street neighbor.} We’ve been outside a lot lately. I have taken a solemn oath with myself to never once complain about the heat or humidity this summer, given the winter we endured. Nothing makes you appreciate muggy weather like snow storms in late April. I’ve seen clearly… Read more »


turns out i took april off. surprise!

Even though I’ve been silent here for an entire month due to sheer lack of mental capacity, life has been rolling ever forward. I didn’t really intend to disappear into the ether of the interwebs, it just kind of happened. Thank you for the sweet emails, tweets, and facebook messages. They made me feel so loved as… Read more »


Blissdom 2013

My second-ever visit to the state of Texas was a whirlwind. The main purpose of my time in Dallas was the Blissdom Social Media Conference which was held at the gorgeous Gaylord Texan resort. And I mean gorgeous as in restuarants under enormous glass atriums with water fountains. My 4 (FOUR!) days and nights there were filled… Read more »


remembering spring

I heard a bird yesterday. I realize this may not be alarming to many of you, but as I sat in an airport shuttle van with the sliding door open to the warm Dallas air, the chirp smacked me square in the forehead – as sounds do when you hear them for the first time… Read more »