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cupcakes with my cupcakes

^This post made me realize that it’s high time my blog had a dedicated cupcake category. I know, I know. This is where you say “FINALLY, Allison!” ~~~~~~ This seems to be New York trip re-cap week which means I am apparently about a week and a half behind on life (my laundry pile is… Read more »


blogher insp(her)ation

In New York last week (two weeks ago now??) I talked. I ate. I learned. A lot. Sure I went out to cupcakes, went to Starbucks in Time Square, and caught a Broadway show, but I also sat through some incredibly informative classes on various aspects of blogging, all presented by people for whom I… Read more »


no but really they’re my friends.

“What are you headed to in New York?” my¬†hair dresser/cousin/neighbor/flight attendant asks. …I really need to come up with some generic answer to this… “A blogging conference.” I say, and then brace myself for the reaction. It usually consists of being looked at like I have 5 heads, not too dissimilar to the time I… Read more »


friendluxe awards

There’s an interesting phenomenon of bloggers patting ourselves on the back for being so gosh darn bloggy. Sometimes it’s friends simply linking up to other friends in a post and telling the world that they love to read a certain blog. Other times word of the award is more widespread and winning involves nominations and… Read more »