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a month in pictures

“Last post: September 18th”Whoops. When did September get away from me? It has been a fabulous month around here with fun date activities, friends coming to visit, and recipes being baked. Here is our month (and then some) in review: State Fair:I meant to make a whole entry about our time at the state fair… Read more »


3 weeks later

Yup, we’ve been a little busy. Not so busy that it’s actually a viable excuse for me not to update in over 3 weeks, but busy none the less. What we’ve been doing: Growing my hair out – see: previous post and the Olfelt’s August budget Moving for the second time in 2 months –… Read more »


moving on up

I have been accused of bloggatory neglect, and to this charge I plead not guilty on account of temporary insanity. You see, this is what my living situation looked like: Notably, this also holds a striking resemblance to how my brain felt. Honestly, what category DO you pack umbrellas under?! Now however, we have safely… Read more »


every new beginning…

…comes from some other beginning’s end. And here we are at the end of what seems like it just began: college. This felt like a good time to start blogging. Graduation is in less than 4 months, and the friends we have come to see as family will soon be scattered across the country. Not… Read more »