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we were made for kindness

It was beautiful, and not because of any effort we put in ahead of time. The beauty was the women. For many it was not easy to come, to walk through that door, to step out of our comforts. But they were brave and we were blessed to have them there. Brothers, let us come… Read more »


changing the universe – {giveaway winner announced}

updated 5/1/12: The winner is commentator number 6, Jolie. I’ll send you an email shortly. Thanks, all for entering! Don’t forget that OMF readers can use the code OMYFAMILY to save 10% on Chaging the Universe – the Shop orders! Friends and readers (who are friends I just haven’t met yet), Nicci of Changing the Universe…. Read more »


the caregiver’s plight

I am an ESFJ. This means that, for better and worse, I find happiness (better) and derive my self worth (worse) from my ability to connect with, serve, and befriend other people. The greatest joys in my life are friendships, deep connections, and heart-ties with others. Show me a need of yours and I will meet it…. Read more »


most unexpectedly

Good morning! Welcome to the table. Won’t you sit and sip some chai with me? Today I’m hosting part of the Gathered Thoughts Link Party for my lovely friends at Love Feast Table. Here is my ‘gathered thought’ prompt: most unexpectedly Motherhood is a series of lost and found blessings. The blessing of carrying a… Read more »