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the outtakes

O, my children. So angelic. So photogenic. So cooperative. At one point when they were both crying (No, OBoy you may not pick up baby like that. He doesn’t like it.) I considered throwing in the towel. For some reason, I kept shooting through their tears (mean mom, much?) and I’m glad I did because… Read more »



Yesterday morning I woke up on my birthday and for the first time since having kids, I would be spending it home alone with them (the last two post-kiddo birthdays have been weekend days). The day started slowly. Once the sun rose in the cloudless sky, it hit the snow in that way that makes… Read more »


yes, my baby boys share a bedroom

and yes, we like it this way. The Why: Every once in a while I like to buck a trend, stick it to the man, think outside the box, put my kids in the same bedroom. I know, right? Sure, part of our choice to have them in the same room is logistical for us:… Read more »