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grace-filled budgeting

{image credit} I’ve heard a lot lately about how certain financial advisors, specifically Christian financial advisors, ok, specifically Dave Ramsey, can enslave people with fear and guilt and legalism rather than free them through hope and encouragement. I totally get it. I get that it can be put on a pedestal and preached as doctrine… Read more »


a dye job and tears

We had bounced around the idea of a box highlighting kit, DanO and I. If we are going to get serious about kicking our student loan debt where it hurts, my 3-4x a year highlight appointments were one of the first things on the chopping block. And you know what? I really was ok with… Read more »


he believes in me

I get excited about things. I go all in. But, with a few exceptions, I feel like I’m really not a finisher. I plan and plot and make the first few moves, but in general I feel like my follow through is lacking. I have started and not finished so many things that one of… Read more »