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total money makeover vlog {with an OBoy cameo}

I also posted for Friendly Friday this morning (ok, last night, really), so if you missed it, here it is. Whuuuuuut? Silence around here for nearly 2 weeks and then 2 posts in one day? What in the blogosphere has gotten into me? (I don’t know, friends. I really don’t know. Thanks for bearing with… Read more »


o, hai there. (a parentheses heavy post)

Hi friends and readers (who are friends I just haven’t met yet). How have you been? ::stares at computer screen like Dora, waiting for your answer:: Good! ¡Bueno! I’ve missed you! ¡Te extrañé! Hey, remember how we quit cold turkey from spending money on food from restaurants (or fast food joints (or coffee shops))? Yea,… Read more »


budget, meet september. september, meet budget.

True confessions time, shall we? We eat out a lot. I don’t mean like sit-down restaurants with huge portions, I just mean we seem to do it on-the-go or at coffee dates or lunch dates or sometimes it’s take-out or coffee drive-through or take’n’bake pizza or coffee from the cafe in Target or food courts… Read more »