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chai, cheaper

I am a sucker for all things Oregon. In Costco last week: “OH! Tillamook cheese! I’ve been there!” At the mention of the movie Mr. Holland’s Opus: “Did you know that was filmed at Grant High School in Portland?” To the obnoxious lady in the grocery check-out line who just called it “Or-i-GONE” on her… Read more »


swedish engineering: a reprise

Monday, November 17th did not mark the death of our Volvo. Four things were damaged in the collision: the radiator (which explains the blue liquid streaming from the car), the radiator header (attaches the radiator to the car… or something), the power steering reservoir (which explains the yellow-orange liquid spilling from the car), and the… Read more »


$5 highlights

Being young and married certainly has its advantages. Larger tax break and automatic off campus housing aside, life is such an adventure at this stage and I feel blessed to have an amazing travel companion. However, it has also come with a fair share of obstacles. Boys can create some pretty smelly odors, and we… Read more »