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quinoa-stuffed peppers. i die.

This is dinner tonight at O My House. We are having two young missionaries over for dinner and I thought I would make something that they probably don’t make for themselves (read: so pasta was out). It is absolutely delicious, and I mean delicious. So yummy in fact that DanO was once a quinoa skeptic… Read more »


penance cookies

Yesterday I broke the screen on our hand held video monitor. My lips may or may not have uttered a swearword (my lips, not me, of course) when I picked it up off the floor. It slipped through my hands and in an effort to catch it I sent it flying in a trajectory far… Read more »


chocolate cake in a mug (and in a flash)

So I’m sitting, watching Biggest Loser last week thinking to myself, dang, Self, I could go for some chocolate cake right now. Only, as usual, we are fresh out of chocolate cake around here, so I contemplate making a chocolate cake, in fact I’m pretty sure I have a box of cake mix… or maybe… Read more »