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chai, cheaper

I am a sucker for all things Oregon. In Costco last week: “OH! Tillamook cheese! I’ve been there!” At the mention of the movie Mr. Holland’s Opus: “Did you know that was filmed at Grant High School in Portland?” To the obnoxious lady in the grocery check-out line who just called it “Or-i-GONE” on her… Read more »


apparently, i like to make stuff

In my mind, this semester ended a couple of weeks ago. I really haven’t had much of anything to do that was school related for about 18 days. So, I’ve been trying to find things to do. I’ve written thank you cards to a couple of professors who played significant roles in my experience at… Read more »


panna cotta

Last summer I was out to dinner at a restaurant in Tualatin while visiting family in Oregon, and I had a dessert unlike any I’d ever had. It came to me in a wine glass and it was this yogurty-custurdy-creamy amazingness topped with berries. I devoured it. It was like a sundae in which you… Read more »