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obla dee, obla da

Life goes on. Even though I was anxious (as usual) about how OBaby would do during our Super Bowl party yesterday (which spanned one nap time and bedtime), in the end I had no reason to worry. And many reasons to be happy. {Copious amounts of dip} {Marjorie‘s ridiculous lemon-filled coconut cupcakes. I die. Ok,… Read more »


my dirty, cupcakey secret

I think it’s time I get this off my chest. I committed a crime at Cupcake ’10. I stole a cupcake for a boy. It went like this: Saturday night I was rounding up my things because DanO was almost there to pick us up and bring us back to the hotel. He came in… Read more »



Well, after an incredibly awesome and late night at Cupcake ’10, OBaby, and I are headed back there for breakfast this morning. O my gosh, you guys, these women are all so incredible. We all blog for different (and the same) reasons and every single one of the women there was a joy. I’m a)… Read more »


cupcakes, as promised

I think this will be the last post of the goings ons of our Oregon trip. I think. It was the perfect trip in a lot of ways: the right length, the right people, the right balance between relaxing and doing things. O and OBaby flew like a freakin’ champ. That may explain why more… Read more »