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three kids in one bedroom

It is not our ideal arrangement, but right now all three of the kiddos share one bedroom. Because our house has two bedrooms upstairs and two bedrooms on the ground floor, and because we aren’t yet comfortable doing two-story sleeping arrangements with our babies still relatively young, this is what works for us. I wrote about… Read more »


the ‘are you guys done?’ question

Three babies. Four years. It’s been quite the streak. We have always wanted a family. Our senior year of college (for which we were married) I used to joke with DanO about dropping out and just making babies. Mostly joking. Sorta not joking. Not really joking. We were quite pregnant on our second anniversary and… Read more »


family of five – portraits by Leah Fontaine Photography

Four and a half months ago I managed to get our whole family bathed and dressed and in front of the immensely talented Leah Fontaine‘s camera. Unfortunately, I was not able to tame the 2 year old’s cowlick. Please forgive the third-of-a-year delay on the sharing of these photos here on the blog. Frankly if… Read more »


little one, you are so loved.

Little one, I wish you could have seen your oldest brother’s face when we told him about you. “There’s a baby in Mommy’s tummy,” we said. He beamed. His face positively lit up. We had been talking about it as a family for a while. Oboy, who will be four when you meet him, asked… Read more »