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in the eighteenth hour

Because Nugget arriving before my laundry room walls were robin’s egg blue was entirely unthinkable. True to form, DanO’s family swept in and met our need this evening, inching DanO closer to the finish line in The Great Laundry Room Race of 2009. Around 7 o’clock this evening, three ready and able helpers arrived to… Read more »


walk humbly

Dear Nugget, Can I just say that Mommy is so incredibly proud of you? You have excelled at your first ever task in life: multiply from one cell to billions. Impressive really, what you have become after starting out as a teeny-tiny little grain of rice that we got to see in November. You were… Read more »



Weekend High: 59¬∞ and having a weekend that was nutritiously low in house projects and high in people we love. Weekend Low: 34¬∞ and an extra large portion of exhaustion that won’t go away which comes with a side of headaches. I love spring and I love Jesus, so this was gunna be a pretty… Read more »