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one day

just one day to me, here in minnesota. but a life changing day for my family in oregon. i set out this morning to document my day-in-the-life, as inspired by laura of the hollywood housewife‘s one day project. it turned out not to be just any old, average day. :: :: :: :: :: ::… Read more »


o my blessings

It’s been quiet around here. Suffice it to say we’ve been having a lot of awesome time together this week. A photo shoot, DanO working from home, making Halloween costumes together, and tonight? A trip to the apple orchard. Y’all, I am flat blown away by how blessed I am by this family. (Yes. I… Read more »


fall family pictures tomorrow!

DanO’s sister is a very talented developing photographer, so we have roped her in to capturing our family circus tomorrow afternoon with the autumn leaves as a backdrop. Here’s the plan for our attire tomorrow! (These are all clothes we already own, or at least similar looking to them.)