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an abundance of children and joy

“Have as many as the Good Lord will give you,” she says as her smile, though tired and aging, exudes her joy. I giggle sheepishly. With her unadorned clothes and shoulder length hair graying at the roots, she looks plain by the world’s standard. But she wears her happiness (and her baby) like jewelry. As… Read more »


a cool stream of water

Sometimes, on a 90° day spent walking around the farmer’s market you just need to kick off your flip-flops and wade ankle deep in a cool stream of water. {A special thanks to my stepmom for grabbing our camera to capture this!}


it’s about the people

This was my third trip to O My Extended Family’s cabin on the North shore of Minnesota. This time I think I really got it. I don’t know exactly what it was that I got, but something clicked into gear this time and made me truly appreciated just what happens up there. People happen. Sure… Read more »


on the road again

We’re off to join 24 other members of the extended O My Family at the cabin for the long weekend. Can you tell how excited OBaby is?