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it’s true

~~~~~~ [this is my second post today. scroll down for an update on the Visa gift card give away.]


from our family to yours

This year’s Christmas card. The picture is already totally outdated because of OBaby. Thus is the nature of infants. The back, complete with itty bitty family letter. Please don’t tell me how lame it was to plug my blog on our letter. I swear it was not in the interest of shameless self-promotion. Cross my… Read more »


last things

As this post publishes, DanO, OBaby, and I are boarding a plane for home. I can’t tell if my anxiety level for this flight is lower than the last one because we have done this successfully once before or if it’s higher because lighting never strikes twice, right? RIGHT!? Before we board we are going… Read more »


westward ho!

Of all the things that intimidate me about parenting, I think flying with a baby takes the proverbial cake. But here goes nothing! We are taking off tomorrow morning (ON Thanksgiving, I know, but thanks to the time difference we’ll still get there before noon and O My Budget-Breakers, you should have seen how much… Read more »