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gawk and awe

This is a pretty typical scene around here, what with OBaby’s smiling habits these days. By the way, dinner was ready at this point, but could I pry O My In-Laws from the grips of OBaby’s giggles and coos? Certainly not. O My Heavens, did you see that? What a beautiful tooth-less grin! If ever… Read more »


tomatoes a la can

My MIL (Mother-in-law, a.k.a. Friend) and I were talking about that O so common stay at home mom question: “What did I do today?” It’s rough, having a list of tasks that you’ll just have to rinse and repeat the next day. Everyday. For the long foreseeable future. Laundry, dishes, cook, feed, change. Shoot, even… Read more »


alive and well

Well, alive anyway. I feel like my life merged onto an expressway of traveling¬† and house guests and constantly fussing babies and I can’t find the nearest exit. Which is really no excuse for the blogatory neglect I’ve been committing of late. Would stuffing this post full of adorable pictures of my son be sufficient… Read more »