Letters to Nugget Category


you made us O My Family

For half of a year you have been in our life. For 6 entire months I have been a mother. {Photo credit: Beth of Folding Laundry} For 26 weeks you have taught us about love. For 182 days I have been kissing your cheeks. For 4,383 hours your daddy has doted over you. For 248,850… Read more »


like your father before you

Dear Nugget OBaby, OBaby, OBaby, OBaby! I sure love your nickname. I hope you do too. I didn’t notice it before my mom pointed it out, but you are a little string bean of an infant. Not that you’re particularly skinny, you definitely have the edible chub look going on, but you’re a long little… Read more »


walk humbly

Dear Nugget, Can I just say that Mommy is so incredibly proud of you? You have excelled at your first ever task in life: multiply from one cell to billions. Impressive really, what you have become after starting out as a teeny-tiny little grain of rice that we got to see in November. You were… Read more »