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belly and hair

Not to be confused with belly hair. Gross. A couple weekends ago, Cindy and I experienced the Juut Aveda Salon in Minneapolis. No Tyra sightings, but it was awfully nice to wait in a lobby not filled with crying children and drink cucumber infused water out of shfancy mod glassware . I went chin-length again,… Read more »


family meeting

Alright guys, gather ’round. There’s something we’ve been wanting to tell you. Dan and I have talked about it, and we’ve decided that it’s in all of our best interests if we take a vacation. I mean ‘we’ being Dan and me. I know, I know, it’d be nice if we could all go, but… Read more »


get behind me, snow/satan!

A fun MN fact that my boss just shared with me: It has snowed in the state of Minnesota in every month except August. To cheer myself up in light of that depressing thought, I want to share some photographic evidence of the shrinking of Mr. Snow Pile as it relates to the warmer weather… Read more »