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stop the presses

O friends and readers (who are friends I just haven’t met yet). I’ve missed you. Last week was profoundly busy: house projects, house guests, household appliances dying on me, OBrother’s first birthday, a big birthday party, an almost 3 year old struggling with it being someone else’s birthday… You better believe I have pictures. But… Read more »


sunny with a high of 75

Anyone else enjoying the symbolism of the silence around here for the last 3 days, which came swiftly on the tails of a post about our ridiculous house projects? Yea, that. But I can’t really┬áblame it all on the porch demolition, though. The weather has been so very, very perfect. We have honestly been outside… Read more »


put a squirrel on it.

Remember when a robin made its way into our living room via our chimney? Well, about 2 weeks ago I heard sounds in our chimney again, and told DanO that I thought maybe there was another bird. Thankfully, it wasn’t like the first time where the chirping and the proximity of the scratching noises made… Read more »