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when talking about the marriage bed

{image credit} I have this group of friends. They are some of the craziest, most amazing women I have ever met via the interwebs (although we have now all met in person). They are sassy and adventurous; they are all in differing places in life, but they all love Jesus. And there’s something else special… Read more »


our marriage is a kindergardener

My beloved DanO, 5 years now we have been married. I could start out by listing all the crazy things we have accomplished together in those 5 years – the children we’ve created, the house projects we’ve tackled, the places we’ve traveled – but you know all of those things (you were there, too). Instead,… Read more »


he believes in me

I get excited about things. I go all in. But, with a few exceptions, I feel like I’m really not a finisher. I plan and plot and make the first few moves, but in general I feel like my follow through is lacking. I have started and not finished so many things that one of… Read more »