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flood waters

Dan and I have had flooding/water damage five, count them, five times since we moved into this apartment 10 months ago. That means that about every two months our floor looks like this: like it did this morning. At 7:44 this morning (per the microwave clock), I was walking to the cupboard to get a… Read more »


who needs restaurants?

On Valentine’s Day, I actually had a meeting until 7pm for Breakaway Ministry. So with a bad time frame coupled with a small budget, Dan decided to cook dinner for me. I told him I thought it would be nice to have something “that would be served at a restaurant” – you know, so he… Read more »


$5 highlights

Being young and married certainly has its advantages. Larger tax break and automatic off campus housing aside, life is such an adventure at this stage and I feel blessed to have an amazing travel companion. However, it has also come with a fair share of obstacles. Boys can create some pretty smelly odors, and we… Read more »