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on being good enough – wedded wednesday

I have a kid and am learning to be a mother, right? Well, turns out I also have a husband and am learning to be a wife (surprise!). I happen to fall into the school of thought that my marriage comes first in our family – that my husband is a higher priority to me… Read more »


O My Wedding

O My Warning: There is an impossibly large number of pictures in this post. But they are wedding pictures, so really you can’t complain. I could not bring myself to cut any more out, so you will just have to ready your scroll button muscles and cope and deal. I am (almost) sorry. ~~~~~~ We… Read more »


for your Friday night viewing pleasure

Why and how have I not shared this before? In my typical unorganized fashion I missed the logical occasion on which to post it, but I’m also far too impatient to wait until our next anniversary. So for no other reason than it’s Friday, please enjoy our wedding video: Video credit: Whisperbox Productions



It’s the color of the sweater I wore on our third anniversary date last week. It’s the color of the twelve roses he brought me. It’s the color of friendship. (I’m so glad he humored me and let me set an auto-timer to take our picture.) (I’m even more glad he’s my friend.) ~~~~~~ Part… Read more »