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to my three-years husband

Our marriage is still first and foremost about each other, but I have to tell you what an honor it is to share my heart with you in a new way now: to love you through our son. Our relationship is growing with us and our family. We have worked harder, dug deeper and loved… Read more »


daddy o’clock

It doesn’t matter how grumpy he was at 4:14, everyday at 4:15 OBaby lights up. First there’s a little rattle in the direction of the entry way followed by the ::squeeeeeeak:: of our front door opening. (That squeak is one of the many reasons that our tax rebate = a new front door for us… Read more »


it’s true

~~~~~~ [this is my second post today. scroll down for an update on the Visa gift card give away.]


dreaming in marriage

This matter has been on my heart lately. On my about me page, I jest: “Once upon a time I was going to be a journalist/international correspondent to France and spend my time traveling the world parler-ing Fran├žais. Now I dream of making and freezing my own organic baby food.” But I think I’ve done… Read more »