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365 days of love

I rolled over and cracked one eye open to peek at the time on DanO’s alarm clock. 5:14am There could not have been a more in between time. It was Saturday, and any time before 5 would have been absurd, but it was after 5:00. It was within the range of questionably reasonable times to… Read more »


30 months ago

30 months ago, to the day, I woke up at 6:15am with a very, very upset stomach. I gave a $5 bill to my friends (who happened to be sleeping on my floor) and asked them to drive my car to a Walgreens to get me some pink yucky liquid for my tummy. Then I… Read more »


to the shore

Let me start by saying that I already wrote this post once today while OBaby was sleeping peacefully and all was right in the world. Then I hit “publish” and O MY WORD my log in had expired and I LOST EVERYTHING. Don’t worry, OBaby’s door was closed and he did not hear the string… Read more »