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a hot and steamy recipe

The dishes were clean and put away. I had started the load of cloth diapers in he wash. Micah was sound asleep in his crib. We had time just to ourselves. We hugged each other with both free arms. We slow danced to imaginary music in the living room. Then DanO led me to the… Read more »


questions regarding armageddon

When does the feeling that the world is going to end every time he cries go away? In approximately how many weeks/months/years will I be able to go through the check-out lane of Target without being embarrassed that my totallycontentfivesecondsago child is now verging on hysterical? Related: Why do people in the check-out lane of… Read more »


the spu to my moni

While I’m wandering around the house looking for things to alphabetize, DanO is rapidly conquering the basement. Then, when he emerges from the basement, like so: (Sorry for the blur. Would you believe me if I told you that he never stands still? Like, ever?) I swoon. His forearms covered in sheet rock dust get… Read more »