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judging by the present company

{photo credit: Laura Amiss} A friend told me recently of a capital A awkward interaction with another mom at a park. My friend stood there as this woman unloaded judgmental comments about another (not present) mom who is, gasp, still nursing her 14 month old baby. I picture my friend twisting her toe in the bark dust,… Read more »


I want to miss it all

The boys wrestling with their daddy on the rug. The “hold my hand, Mommy” as we go down stairs every morning. The way my oldest whispers to his baby brother as they fall asleep at night. The “Mamamamama” jabber as the baby reaches for my face. The laughter at the dinner table. I know I… Read more »


most unexpectedly

Good morning! Welcome to the table. Won’t you sit and sip some chai with me? Today I’m hosting part of the Gathered Thoughts Link Party for my lovely friends at Love Feast Table. Here is my ‘gathered thought’ prompt: most unexpectedly Motherhood is a series of lost and found blessings. The blessing of carrying a… Read more »