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Slivers of moonlight whisper through the windows and across our white down comforter to find us cuddled up, curve to cove, cove to curve, just has we have every night of his life. He nurses and sighs, sighs and nurses. One chubby hand grasps at my chin, my pendant, my lips. Groggy eyes search for… Read more »


something we don’t really talk about

I don’t remember what day it was, or even what month, but I do know it was sometime during the dark, cold winter of 2009. The snow and the ice heaped their weight on top of my already unbearable load of new motherhood. It got dark early, both outside and in my heart. The date… Read more »


a lazy day, on purpose

I have a really hard time turning on the TV. I don’t know, it’s not that I expect everyday to be educational and homespun and full of finger painting, but it seems like once the TV has been turned on it’s near impossible to turn it back off. It sets a course for the day… Read more »


the “thud. waaaaaaaaaaah”

You know the one. The one that before you’ve moved a single muscle of your body, your stomach has already sunk. The one where the guilt strikes and it strikes hard. The one where you cry and call your husband, even though you think the baby’s fine. The one that makes you vow to never… Read more »