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Remember not me! Mondays?

[Preface: Yes, that it a totally different header up there. No, I did not warn you. You should probably be getting used to stuff like that on here by now, right? I mean, this blog design is an experiment like our first child is an experiment. We’re liable to try anything.] It’s been a while… Read more »


my new job title

I have no idea what I’m doing. Every other day or so it will hit me like a 2 ton Rhinoceros that I am someone’s mom. And as luck would have it, it’s not just someone’s, it’s OBaby’s. Of all the wonderful, chubby cheeked, Scandinavian babies out there, how did I end up with the… Read more »


holy blog remodel and a little not me!

So, what do you think? Things have slowed down on the Great Laundry Room Race (I have a functional washer and dryer, beautifully painted walls, new flooring, task lighting, and a big ‘ol void where the cabinets and sink basin go, but I digress.) so DanO thought he’d whip me up a little redesign in… Read more »


a quick little not me! monday

Before the crazy not business starts: I was thrilled last week at how many friends and readers (who are friends I just haven’t met yet) de-lurked themselves via comments and emails! You guys are the best and it’s so great to get to know you… including one of you that I had coffee with on… Read more »