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all about OBaby, not me! Monday

I’ve decided that there is no “stalking” in the world of blogs. I’ve had many people confess “…Not that I blog stalk you or anything.” in true not me! Monday fashion. HI, I WRITE THIS SO YOU CAN READ IT and enjoy it, and I hope that you do. That would make you friends then,… Read more »


a fully clothed not me! Monday

MckMama started this blog carnival, and you can click here to view other not me! posts. Only a few things to confess today, but not because I didn’t perform enough embarrassing acts this last week. I don’t have many confessions because I think my brain is being slowly sucked out of my body by a… Read more »


not me! monday

Here’s a very healthy dose of new confessions of things I did not do, an idea started by MckMama, whose blog you can find here. I am fairly confident that I will never run out of fodder for these not me! Mondays ever. Motherhood is nothing if not replete with corners being cut and rules… Read more »


in time for not my child! monday

O’Baby is finally here in real human form, and I could not possibly complain about one iota of our last 4 days together. Not even the first ever diaper blow out that occurred chez grandma and grandpa yesterday. Not even that we’re already on our 3rd onesie today. Not even his fussy “I just need… Read more »