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not me! monday

Dear God, Could you please let this be my last pregnant “not me! Monday” for a while? Amen. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What are public assertions of our own embarrassing quirks and choices good for if not laughter? Also, if the laughter resulting from my “not” confessions is equal to or greater than the amount of embarrassment I… Read more »


the last not me! monday of june

Here we go again. A healthy dose of honesty to start our week. The idea for the Not Me! Monday confessional was started by MckMama, whose blog can be found here. PS: Where DID June go?! I’ve dusted under the couch, cleaned out the fridge, even begun organizing the linen closet [see also: nesting], and… Read more »


a concise not me monday

A confessional of things you could not have caught me doing last week. And if you could have caught me doing them, I certainly wouldn’t tell anyone about them. That would be silly, and I would leave that kind of self-humiliation to the professional bloggers, like MckMama. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I definitely did not sleep for 12… Read more »


not me! monday

That’s it. If I’m going to do this blogosphere thing properly, I’ve got to jump on at least one bandwagon. This particular bandwagon is called ‘Not Me! Monday’ and was started by the ridiculously entertaining My Charming Kids blogger who goes by MckMama. It’s a confessional of sorts… minus the whole anonymity thing, and with… Read more »