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OBoy’s birthday bash {the in-real-life one}: construction themed kid’s birthday party on a budget

We decided that since so much of OBoy’s second year of life had been filled with tools, work permits, and helping DanO with the upstairs remodel (not to mention a few dozen trips to the hardware store), a construction-themed party was quite fitting. And speaking of the upstairs remodel ($$$), did I mention this party… Read more »


and forward marches time

Well, we’re home from Pennsylvania, and as if it should come as a shock to anyone, we hit the ground running with house projects, house cleaning, and that one holiday where we give away free candy to anyone who comes to our door. (Can we take a moment to talk about the high schoolers who… Read more »


a letter to my thirteen month old

August 16, 2010 Dear OBaby, I am absolutely baffled how this has happened, but you are 13 months old today. Thirteen. More than 12 and 12 makes a year. You are more than one year o ld. I think this is hitting me harder than your first birthday did because somewhere in the back of… Read more »