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today the living room

…tomorrow the stage at graduation. ~~~~~~ This is pretty average-ish walking performance for OBaby lately (and by lately I mean these last 3 days). Sometimes it’s better, sometimes he’s not interested at all. But HEY! I caught it on film! And the tripod was only in my dining room for a few hours to do… Read more »


the birthday post of epic proportions

So, remember that time that I sat down to write my son’s first birthday post and then I proceeded to stare at the screen for the first 20 minutes of naptime because, O My Heavens, what do I even say? I mean, if I write the post about him being one entire year old doesn’t… Read more »


to my one year old

Good morning Buddy! You are one year old today. A year ago this morning you were born. It was such a great morning, and I will always remember that those last moments right before you were born, my midwife told me to stop pushing, so you and my body did the work together. You worked… Read more »