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O, hello there.

So? How does it feel? You are now reading O My Family without that awkward feeling that you are falling sideways! (If you’re seeing this in a reader, click through for redesign of the century last 6 months!) You likey? Me too. DanO and I needed something fresh this weekend and this was just the… Read more »


another fabulous first

It went like this: We were out and about for the afternoon, enjoying the warm sunny weather by spending time weaving in and out of little shops whose doors were all propped open. It was a fabulous day. I was wearing OBaby in the ring sling (and I only received one uneducated comment about how… Read more »


the needs of a nine month old

My sweet OBaby, You turned nine months old yesterday and somewhere along the road in this last month you found your will. You have discovered that you are in control of your body and that’s the way you like it. Every diaper change, car seat strapping orĀ  hand-off to a person other than me has… Read more »