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take one: rice

It’s been slow going  in the food department so far, but that is more than okay. The banana was a (squishy) no-go, the peas didn’t even make it near the mouth, and the peach was spit back out for the most part. The rice pretty much went like this: {shudder} {What the crap was that?!}… Read more »


O Christmas Tree

(Can you believe it took me this long to use that title?) O look what I found under our Christmas tree! Best. Present. Ever. We’ll be spending tonight at Christmas Dinner with Extended O My Family eating ginger cookies, Swedish meatballs, and lutefisk (which is spelled properly regardless of what you think, Firefox). OBaby will… Read more »


on the move

Wait a second. What are you doing, OBaby? I set you down over there. In the middle of that blanket with your elephant. How on earth did you get all the way over here? O, like that, huh? Squirming and scooting? Well, how do you feel about this new talent? I see.