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the diaper rash to end all diaper rashes

(Admittedly, this is a post about diaper rashes. Thou art warned.) Let’s just call these last few weeks what they’ve been: a deplorable diaper dermis diagnosis debacle.¬†Short and simple. OBaby had a sad, sad and totally uncomfortable rash that started sometime in early December. I told myself it was from him being in a disposable… Read more »


thankfully, there’s more where that came from

I was looking through pictures from Christmas last year. If I had wanted to keep my makeup in-tact, that would have been a really, really bad idea. Brace yourself (and your heart parts) for a picture of OBaby on Christmas morning last year. I can’t look at that picture and not cry. This one, either:… Read more »


toddlerhood (n): intense unpredictability

Toddlerhood in our house is, among other things, intense. The joy, excitement, and laughter abound. The things he finds funny are¬†actually funny – like playing chase, rolling around on the ground, or waving DanO’s gloves or oven mitts around on his hands. When we’re happy, we’re really really happy. He is so quick to share… Read more »