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to my one year old

Good morning Buddy! You are one year old today. A year ago this morning you were born. It was such a great morning, and I will always remember that those last moments right before you were born, my midwife told me to stop pushing, so you and my body did the work together. You worked… Read more »


preparing to celebrate

In anticipation of next week, it’s O My First Birthday boot camp this weekend. We’re doing drills late into the night, practicing blowing out candles, pinning tails on donkeys, unwrapping things, O, and this: Next week is going to be totally awesome.


big things are coming

Next week? Yea, it’s an important one around here, and I mean both here in the literal physical sense and here in the digital interweb sense. Here in the physical location sense we will have family staying with us, an official day of 1st birthday celebration including a big family dinner, and a birthday party… Read more »


the scooting phenomenon

If it is in my house, rests on the ground, reaches higher than 1.5 feet tall, and has a mass great enough to support an 18 lb baby, it will be and likely already has been scooted across my wood floors. (Scooted is a funny word, no?) Since taking some apprehensive first steps, OBaby likes… Read more »