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natural consequences

Buddy. Please don’t run while you’re carrying a stick. You need to walk. OBoy, listen to me. I don’t want you to fall and have a big owie. Uh oh. Hmmm… what happened, buddy?


your shop + o my sidebar

Hi friends. Have you noticed how empty that has been lately? ———-> I have too. I want to use that space to get the word out to my friends and readers (who are friends I just haven’t met yet) about small businesses and handmade shops. Do you have one of those? Awesome. Let’s connect. (You will find… Read more »


OBoy the Contrarian

He had whined and demanded oatmeal the whole time we were getting dressed. I mostly ignored, reworded, and redirected. By the time we got downstairs I finally got a straight “May hab O-meal for brekist peeze?” out of him. (We’re working on manners and asking polite questions. I must say ” ‘I want’ is not… Read more »