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OBoy’s birthday bash {the in-real-life one}: construction themed kid’s birthday party on a budget

We decided that since so much of OBoy’s second year of life had been filled with tools, work permits, and helping DanO with the upstairs remodel (not to mention a few dozen trips to the hardware store), a construction-themed party was quite fitting. And speaking of the upstairs remodel ($$$), did I mention this party… Read more »


the newest O

Holy matrimony! DanO’s younger brother got married! Friday, July 1 “unkie paaah” (translation: Uncle Paul) married sweet “auntie arash” (Auntie Sarah) in a beautiful wedding ceremony that was 6 years in the making. High School sweethearts! Say it with me: aaaaawe. DanO and his siblings (who have zero family resemblance, right?) from left as introduced by… Read more »