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O yea, we put a bird on it.

Petsmart, the zoo, our front yard… wherever we go, OBoy notices “tweet tweet”s. I raised a regular bird enthusiast. So imagine his delight when Friday morning we hear a bird chirp from inside our chimney. Bird! In the! Chimney! O so! exciting! Except it was pretty (loudly) apparent that the bird was not happy to be… Read more »


capturing water

{{Remember this from last year? KNOCK IT OFF, TIME. LEAVE MAH BEBEHS ALONE.}} O, look! It IS summer. There was that one 104° day, but since then it’s been pretty gloom and doom around here. I was beginning to question my internal calendar. Kind of like I did in April when it was snowing. (non-native Minnesotan… Read more »


toddler hide and seek

Goes something like this: Look out! Imma… gunna… getchu! :: eruption of laughter :: (Not that I really could climb under the dining room table and ‘get’ him given the present state of my 32 weeks pregnant body… but he doesn’t know that.)