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this must be how zombies feel

Here it comes, the quintessential exhausted mother verbal vomit: I think we’re transitioning out of the ‘likes being swaddled when he sleeps’ stage. (That knowing, empathetic groan y’all just made collectively? I heard it from here. Thank you.) It’s a really good thing he’s cute.


cloudy with a chance snuggles

My dad and step-mom flew out from Oregon this week to meet OBrother for the first time. I think they’re taking to each other quite well. (To those of you in Minnesota, they do apologize for bringing the Oregon weather with them.)


the birth of a brother, part 2

This is the second part of OBrother’s birth story. You can find the first part here. The staff got me turned around in the bed and put him on my chest right away. I don’t remember anyone being too alarmist about it, but I do remember that something wasn’t right. OBrother was on my chest,… Read more »


the birth of a brother, part 1

To fully understand Isaac’s birth story, you should probably know that I had already labored on and off for some 26 hours, but it didn’t work (or wasn’t “real”, but I dare you to come say that to my face). After that experience on Wednesday May 4, I was somewhat disenchanted by labor signs. I had… Read more »