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within hours of landing

My dad and step-mom live in the wine country of Oregon. Down the road from their house we passed a couple of horse pastures, and since by the grace of God we did not arrive at 11pm, we had a whole day ahead of us to unpack, settle in, and go meet some of the… Read more »


traveling graces

Late. Always running late, especially when we need to get on the road toward the airport at 5 in the morning. We made it to the airportĀ justĀ under the wire to get our luggage on our flight and we rushed over to the security line. The security line. My stomach dropped when I saw that it… Read more »


more wedding pictures

Not sure how they got split up between two posts (I thought they were all in the first one? (Mommy brain?)) but here are more pictures of my friend Janell’s gorgeous wedding in Oregon last weekend.