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three kids in one bedroom

It is not our ideal arrangement, but right now all three of the kiddos share one bedroom. Because our house has two bedrooms upstairs and two bedrooms on the ground floor, and because we aren’t yet comfortable doing two-story sleeping arrangements with our babies still relatively young, this is what works for us. I wrote about… Read more »


on finishing

Something in me feels hesitant to talk about those January things like resolutions and ‘one words’. It’s not because I find them are fake or vain or forced. The oposite, really. It’s because I think that stopping, evaluating, and resolving to do something is a holy moment that holds much power, and I worry that saying… Read more »


our chalkboard kitchen table

A while back DanO and I painted our kitchen table with chalkboard paint. I had exactly zero desire to make it a DIY blog post, in fact I haven’t even mentioned it here at all, but I have put pictures out on twitter and instagram intermittently which brought a fair amount of curiosity. I promise I… Read more »