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a fly-by of oboy’s new room

OBoy has something he would like to show you. A couple of somethings, actually. They are airplanes! O, and I do mean airplanes! with an exclamation mark. OBoy has never in his life said the word airplane! without the implied exclamation mark. He points at the sky at even the faintest of distant overhead rumbles and declares “airplane!”. If… Read more »


a little {heart shaped} pick-me-up

Because I needed some change, and it’s cheaper to decorate my mantle for Valentine’s Day than it is to fly somewhere warm: Supplies from left to right: – Pillar Candles – on hand, mostly from Walmart – Wall Words of 1 Cor 16:14 – made on my cricut cutter with red vinyl on hand –… Read more »


O My Home Tour

Hi friends. I’d love to have you over to my house for a bit. Won’t you come in? The Twitter Home Tour was born when a bunch of bloggers were talking on twitter about home decor and thought, hey! How fun would it be to see each other’s houses? This isn’t an invite-only thing, so… Read more »