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Remember not me! Mondays?

[Preface: Yes, that it a totally different header up there. No, I did not warn you. You should probably be getting used to stuff like that on here by now, right? I mean, this blog design is an experiment like our first child is an experiment. We’re liable to try anything.] It’s been a while… Read more »


Christmas tour of homes

Way back in October I remembered hearing about the Christmas tour of homes hosted by The Nester, but by the time I had successfully decorated my house for Christmas while holding a squirming baby on my hip and having to stop to breastfeed after hanging every third ornament, I was too dang excited not to… Read more »


O My Christmas

O look! It snowed here in O My Family land! PS: don’t you love how the sky is always blue here? Me too. Now that our home is decked, I figured it was appropriate to decorate my blog for Christmas too. You know, family first! (Either that or DanO and I didn’t get around to… Read more »



Please excuse me while I climb out from under all of the traffic of fellow bloggers who visited yesterday! By some stroke of genius twist of fate total fluke, I posted a link to my blog and was the first in line on the blog of the famed Not Me Monday creator, MckMama. Then, WHAM…. Read more »