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our chalkboard kitchen table

A while back DanO and I painted our kitchen table with chalkboard paint. I had exactly zero desire to make it a DIY blog post, in fact I haven’t even mentioned it here at all, but I have put pictures out on twitter and instagram intermittently which brought a fair amount of curiosity. I promise I… Read more »


welcome to my crazy

It’s been a quiet week around here. And by here I mean here, not here as in my house because O boy would that be far from the truth. No, here here there has been the constant sound of sheetrock saws cutting holes in ceilings for recessed lighting and in walls for outlets. There has been a pretty… Read more »


peeled back

Friends, I pulled up so much old flooring this weekend that I can hardly see straight. There was the faux wood that the most recent owners had put down (which, hi. Why would you put down fake wood next to real, beautiful original wood? You’re not going to fool anyone.), below that was a layer… Read more »