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on your average Spring morning

The birds are chirping. The cool spring sun is shining. The tree branches are budding. The jackhammer is pounding? Ah yes, hand in hand with the warmer weather comes the ability to tackle outdoor house projects. Before going back to work on Monday, DanO decided he wanted to do one more hail Mary project. So… Read more »


Remember not me! Mondays?

[Preface: Yes, that it a totally different header up there. No, I did not warn you. You should probably be getting used to stuff like that on here by now, right? I mean, this blog design is an experiment like our first child is an experiment. We’re liable to try anything.] It’s been a while… Read more »


Christmas tour of homes

Way back in October I remembered hearing about the Christmas tour of homes hosted by The Nester, but by the time I had successfully decorated my house for Christmas while holding a squirming baby on my hip and having to stop to breastfeed after hanging every third ornament, I was too dang excited not to… Read more »