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drum roll please…

We got the house!!^10 (yea, raise those exclamation marks to the 10th power to get a better idea of how I feel). The house was foreclosed and owned by a bank, so we pretty much signed our lives away this evening on contracts the bank made us sign (see: David v. Goliath (1045BC) ) to… Read more »


moving on up

I have been accused of bloggatory neglect, and to this charge I plead not guilty on account of temporary insanity. You see, this is what my living situation looked like: Notably, this also holds a striking resemblance to how my brain felt. Honestly, what category DO you pack umbrellas under?! Now however, we have safely… Read more »


my hatred of laundry

I love to cook, sew, mop, dust, bake, organize, and sweep. I don’t mind vacuuming, doing the dishes, scrubbing, sweeping, or taking out the trash. I hate doing the laundry. I’m not kidding. You may think I’m kidding, and if so I am honored that you would consider me so domestic as to be incapable… Read more »


call me martha

Dan and I have really been enjoying playing house these last 9 months, and I wanted to show off some of our handy work. The amazing things Dan has done: I saw these leaning book shelves at Crate and Barrel and fell in love with everything but the price tag, so Dan whipped me up… Read more »