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Guess what, buddy.

I realize that there are massive amounts of playdough crumbles on the ground here. But, well, scroll down and you’ll see why I didn’t bother to sweep them up. “Hey, OBoy. See that wall behind you?” “Yes, that one. The one that’s been there everyday while we ate breakfast.” “Well, we’re going to tear it… Read more »


next up

We passed our final inspection on the upstairs remodel last week (!!!!!!!), which means that we spent the weekend knee deep in our next project, naturally. I referred to the now-finished ‘upstairs upgrade’ as the ‘house project of the decade’, but clearly I was wrong because here we are in the same decade and boy,… Read more »


put a squirrel on it.

Remember when a robin made its way into our living room via our chimney? Well, about 2 weeks ago I heard sounds in our chimney again, and told DanO that I thought maybe there was another bird. Thankfully, it wasn’t like the first time where the chirping and the proximity of the scratching noises made… Read more »