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a little {heart shaped} pick-me-up

Because I needed some change, and it’s cheaper to decorate my mantle for Valentine’s Day than it is to fly somewhere warm: Supplies from left to right: – Pillar Candles – on hand, mostly from Walmart – Wall Words of 1 Cor 16:14 – made on my cricut cutter with red vinyl on hand –… Read more »


videos: the lazy blogger’s medium

Did I say  lazy? I meant pregnant. It’s hard to be qualified as lazy when you are, at any moment, participating in the creation of a human being, right? Right. (Now please go convince DanO of that.) For now, I’ll give you a little impromptu tour of our upstairs as it stood a few weeks ago. (Can… Read more »


concerned? don’t be.

OBaby: as good a construction cheerleader as there ever was (with the exception perhaps of the needing to be sequestered thing). Yes, he was safe. Yes he was far from the action. No he could not reach anything dangerous (or anything at all). No, he was not breathing in anything dangerous. Yes, we were smart… Read more »